What do you do when you have 1,000+ scientists, a plateaued safety record, and a challenge of moving to ZERO injuries? Sound like a goofy riddle? Well, the answer was just as goofy—but it WORKED for Rohm and Haas at their R&D headquarters. Meet Spike the Safety Dog—and he’s a stellar example of how an original idea (backed with practical communications) can inspire employees and generate results. The "Spike says Speak Up for Safety" campaign encouraged employees to feel more comfortable giving and receiving safety feedback in the hopes of better identifying "near misses" and promoting a more open safety culture. The campaign included funny posters, special events, giveaways (including pins and magnets that reminded the team to talk openly about safety)—and most importantly, training—which gave employees the tools they needed to give / receive safety feedback.

Spike very quickly became a part of the culture, and post-launch, the site went 2 years without an injury, doubling its previous record. On top of that, BD+C was proud to win a Philadelphia American Marketing Association (PAMA,) Marketer of the Year Award for the Spike Campaign. (And afterwards, we bought Spike the biggest celebratory bone we could find!)

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have
— Maya Angelou