We believe that recognition goes a long way with employees – and it doesn’t have to come with a huge prize to make employees feel valued. We recently supported one of our long-term clients, Peninsula – a robust company that provides heating and cooling services, fuel, plumbing, and more – with the launch of a highly successful employee recognition campaign. The results have been inspiring. Customer satisfaction and a team-centric environment are essential to Peninsula’s company culture, and we wanted to tie the new employee recognition campaign to those core values. We created a series of recognition cards that showcase the many ways in which a Peninsula employee can aid in enhancing those values, and we asked Peninsula’s employees to fill out and award those cards to their colleagues. The honored employees are recognized at team meetings – and each awarded card is entered into a regular drawing for a gift card.

While the employees do enjoy the chance to win the gift card, they truly value the campaign because it builds a positive environment of recognition and collaboration – from the company’s fleet drivers to top executives. It fosters a culture where colleagues are looking for ways to recognize each other for a job well done – which, in turn, inspires the desire of each employee to go above and beyond.

How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything — for better or for worse.
— Simon Sinek