One of our newest clients—Oxiteno, a specialty materials company with 40 years of successful operation in Brazil—recently embarked on an ambitious journey to increase their visibility and growth in the United States. From the very beginning, we loved the feel of this partnership—unchartered territory, with high opportunity and high expectations.

We always aim to begin with a bang, so our first Oxiteno project was the American Coatings Show (ACS)—the largest paint trade show in the U.S.—and a crucial opportunity to spotlight Oxiteno in this key industry. From soup to nuts, we designed Oxiteno’s premiere in the U.S. paint and coatings market—with the aim of paying homage to the company’s Brazilian roots—while also ensuring that their booth and event would feel at home in a U.S. venue. The booth itself was modern, open and inviting—and all booth activities (including a customer appreciation event) kept the conversations flowing with potential customers and partners. Oxiteno garnered 300+ sales leads from ACS, surpassing their initial expectations and providing a solid start for a bright new future in the U.S. market.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.
— Plato