Railroad manufacturer Miller Felpax had a great story to tell about what they offer the industry—but they didn’t know how to share it with their customers. Even the company’s name itself was based off an older product line—so they needed a new brand that would promote ALL of their strengths to enhance their presence in the marketplace.

We coupled our branding efforts with internal change management by involving employees from the project’s beginnings. This created both diversity of input into the new branding—and generated solid employee buy-in from the start. The end result was an inspiring new brand identity that encapsulated all of the company’s innovations and strengths into a focused, compelling story. We even renamed the company itself to “Miller Ingenuity”—to fully illustrate the power of the brand transformation. And thanks to the Miller Ingenuity employees who were empowered (and proud) to be brand ambassadors, the company now enjoys a much more comprehensive and powerful identity in the industry.

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It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.
— Native American saying