Sustainability is a red hot (or, in this case, a green hot) button with most of our clients. Many companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical and specialty materials industries, are doing wonderful things in the world of Sustainable Development—but they often don't know how to share those successes with key audiences, including customers, the public—or even their own employees. One of our pharmaceutical clients on the Fortune 100 list recently asked us for help in developing an internal communication campaign to promote green stories from all parts of the company.

We broadened the strategic goals to include idea-sharing and interactivity—so that the campaign would foster both awareness and pride among employees—as well as build a network of Sustainability experts to promote actual GROWTH in green successes. Today, the company’s Sustainability network is strong, informed and well-connected. Stories are shared not only internally, but also externally—with customers, vendors, local communities, and government agencies—to widen the net for collaboration and awareness in the hopes of making a more tangible difference.

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.
— Albert Einstein