When Bosha Design +Communications hears the words “change management” from a client, we know it’s time to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Change is tough, especially when a large group of people is involved. Such was the case for one of our favorite global healthcare clients, who needed to implement a new Product Lifecycle (PLM) system to 10,000+ employees worldwide. The system offered many benefits, but employees were accustomed to the existing way of doing things and resistant to the idea of new training. Deadlines were tight, deliverables were challenging, and stakes were high.

Our strategy involved generating buy-in FAST—because we needed to get everyone on-board quickly, given the aggressive training schedule. Messages were straight-forward—and were nestled into themed “Drive the Future” illustrations. We acknowledged employees’ concerns—and clearly explained how the advantages would benefit everyone. Results were stellar: the project team hit their aggressive training / preparation goals prior to system “Go-Live” thanks to employees understanding the project’s importance and taking the proper actions.

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.
— Emlyn Chand