Our long-time client, Dow Chemical Company, offers many ground-breaking technologies to the world—but the huge scope of their offerings has made it difficult for them to help even their own employees understand the massive impact of the company’s innovations. At Bosha Design +Communications, we believe in the power of tooting your own horn, so we worked with Dow to create the “Discover Dow” campaign, which offers fun and user-friendly stories about the impact of Dow products in everyday life. From shampoo, to paint, to life-saving medicines, we helped employees see the positive influence of Dow in their lives and around the globe. Surveys overwhelmingly indicated that employees enjoyed the careful mix of fun with fact—and we made sure that the stories were accessible to all employees through a mix of electronic and printed newsletters, an interactive website and television displays at many facilities.

The campaign has been so successful that Dow recently launched a parallel external “Discover Dow” campaign, to deepen Dow’s relationship with the communities in which it operates. As a whole, this campaign proves that it’s definitely worth tooting your own horn—especially when the tune is fun, upbeat, and relatable.

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I’ve said it before, and by gosh, I’ll say it again — don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.
— Emlyn Chand