Virtual Working: 4 Tips on Staying Connected

Bosha Design Blog

The BD+C team was working remotely long before the pandemic hit, and over the last few months, we’ve learned a few lessons during this challenging time.


I asked our team for their top tips for maintaining productivity while working in isolation. Here’s what they shared:


Stay in touch with each other

Communication is number one. Make a point to maintain contact with each other — and don’t worry about over-communicating. Text, email, FaceTime, Zoom, and even old-fashioned phone calls all work.

Be open and sharing

Work on becoming more comfortable with opening up to co-workers, and better at listening to their concerns. Try to accept each other’s feelings without judgment. It is time to live by the saying, “Walk a mile in another person’s shoes.”

Create realistic deadlines

We’re all easily distracted these days — by current events, by the needs of family members, and the dog who is staring at you for a walk. Try to establish realistic timelines that take this “new normal” into account. Jump in and help when you can – know we have each other‘s support.

Be grateful for what’s going right

It’s easy to focus on negatives, but it’s also possible (and very helpful) to be grateful for the good stuff. The BD+C team is particularly grateful for the technology that makes remote work possible, even when it is not cooperating for that call you have in two minutes.

Be safe! be well, be positive!