Four Tips to Communicate Effectively and Professionally in Writing

Bosha Design Blog

We all feel the pressure to reply promptly to our team and clients, but have you noticed that sometimes your written responses were not clear?


Using email is unavoidable, and because of the growing use of project management tools like Wrike and Trello, collaborative platforms like Slack and MS Teams, and messaging applications like Hangouts and Skype, we may be writing now more than ever.

Here are four tips to ensure we communicate effectively and professionally in writing:

  1. Be specific. Let your reader know the purpose of your message right away. Don’t ramble. If you see your message is getting too long, consider having a conversation instead.
  2. Keep it simple. It is on our nature to use short sentences, use acronyms, or expect readers to understand our one-word lingo. So consider spelling out the acronyms, respond to the question aside from a simple ok, and compose short sentences to assure meaning.
  3. Proofread. Install Grammarly or Google proofread bot to help you detect grammatical and punctuation errors. But there is nothing like reading your email before sending it.
  4. Don’t send the flames. If you are rushing or feeling a bit agitated, take a quick break. By holding off on hitting send, you get the chance to read it more calmy and avoid any regretful and harmful emails.

In summary, take the time to read your messages. It will show interest, professionalism, and what a great communicator you are.