Four Simple Ways to Show Appreciation

Bosha Design Blog

In our workplaces, back in “normal” times, expressions of appreciation were often communal experiences: we’d gather to present awards, to share cakes or meals. There would be speeches, conversation, and laughs. And lots of handshakes and hugs.


Although we can’t get together right now, we can still express appreciation to our employees or colleagues. Here are a few ways:



Show your gratitude with your silence. Provide space to vent, worry, and otherwise share. Chances are the favor will be returned to you.

Try not to judge others (or yourself)

No one on earth has ever lived through something like this. There are no “right” or “wrong” reactions to it. Give people time to come around.

Be extremely flexible

We’re not going to get through by breaking instead of bending. Sure, we all have our preferences for how and when things get done, but take a step back, take a deep breath, and maybe the results will be innovation!

Don’t be afraid to make it brief 

A quick text to the team in appreciation of a colleague’s performance can be as meaningful as a shiny trophy or framed award certificate. Keep the kudos coming!