Change Can Be Scary

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We’re coming up on Halloween, the one day of the year we’re encouraged to discard our identities and, for just a few hours, inhabit the world as someone (or something) completely different.

For the purposes of trick-or-treating or Halloween parties, this often means discarding our everyday personas for something a bit more terrifying. A mild-mannered designer can go out and about as, say, a vampire, and no-one bats an eye.

It can be unsettling to look at the world from inside a costume and see people looking at you differently.

When you think about it, we’re constantly reinventing ourselves, in big and small ways, and making even small changes can have a big payoff.

How can you change things to reinvent yourself?

  • Drive home a different way so you are forced to pass the gym
  • Put the chocolate behind the canned goods, so you don’t see it on the counter
  • Set an alarm to remind you to stand up at your desk
  • So many more…

Change is scary, but we shouldn’t be spooked by it. Instead, we should welcome it as opportunity for reinvention. Don’t be afraid: You won’t become part of the walking dead!

Happy Halloween!

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