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What are some things that we always make time to do?

  • Wash the dishes? Of course.
  • Mow the lawn? Ditto.
  • Stay late at the office to finish up a project? Regularly.

But, isn’t it amazing that there never seems to be enough time to:

  • Take a walk (without our phone)
  • Chill in a hammock
  • Escape with a great book

It’s not easy to let the dishes pile up, watch the lawn get mangy, or risk being late on a work assignment. But we don’t always have to be productive. And, paradoxically, by taking time to do what’s good for us, rather than always focusing on getting stuff done, we can end up being more productive in the long run.

Downtime is important. And you know who’s in charge of it – you!

So, the next time you are about to skip doing something that you know will help recharge your batteries in favor of something you “absolutely have to do right now,” take a few seconds to think it through. You might decide to do something that’s good for you instead – and that would be a very good thing.

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