Be here NOW – smell those roses!

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“Stop and smell the roses.” That’s advice we’ve heard all our lives. It’s so familiar, in fact, that we may have dismissed it or joked about it on those rare occasions when we actually took a few sniffs.

But you know what? It’s wonderful guidance. Because, of course, it’s not about roses at all. It’s about appreciating – actually, savoring – as many moments as we can.

Our lives are a series of moments. Moments that are gone before we’ve had a chance to even realize we were in them. We spend so much time planning, remembering, or focused on tasks, that we forget to appreciate the miracle that is every moment of our lives.

Now that it’s Spring, I try to make sure I smell as many roses as I can. But a freshly mown fairway smells pretty good, too. So, I try to appreciate that. Or even being able to drive with the window open. The little, wonderful moments we experience, if we allow ourselves to truly “be here now,” can add up to a wonderful life.


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